Simon Firth

Labour Candidate For Shaw Ward

I have fond memories of growing up in Swindon, and working in local businesses in the town.

But times have changed, and under successive Conservative administrations the town has become a little left behind, with increased taxes, reduced services and a run down heart.

Many young people move away to study and work, but I am determined to help make Swindon, which is still growing, a place where people will want to come again: with a flourishing 21st century technology industry, a program to make us sustainable, and a vibrant culture and leisure offer that people can enjoy. And a place where we take good care of our senior residents too.

I am proud of the Swindon Labour Manifesto which was recently launched, and available at .

To quote Jim Grant, leader of the labour group on Swindon Borough Council: ”It is time for a fresh approach, and only a Swindon Labour Council will have the vision and ability to achieve this”.

If elected I will be your Labour representative for Shaw on Swindon Council, alongside your other two Conservative ward councillors. I will seek to ensure your concerns are dealt with on issues like litter, parking, and road maintenance, and help to organise community activities in West Swindon and increase the facilities available.

But also, Labour just needs 4 extra seats across the town to have a majority on Swindon Council, and has a good chance of achieving this. If we achieve a Labour majority, then a Labour administration would be able to progress its Swindon Manifesto commitments.

Please support me to help make Labour’s plan for Swindon a reality by voting Labour on 3rd May.