Labour Urge Residents to Check Their New Waste Collection Days

Labour Shadow Lead for Streetsmart, Chris Watts, is urging residents to check on the Swindon Council website to see if their waste and recycling collection dates will be changed. From the 31st October, Swindon Council is changing its waste and recycling collection routes which may be affecting you.

Swindon Council’s household waste and recycling collection times will remain fortnightly.

You can find out the new dates Swindon Council will be collecting household waste and recycling by clicking on the following link:

Labour Shadow Lead for Streetsmart, Chris Watts, said:

“The waste and recycling times are changing as a way of saving Swindon Council money. The changing of collection routes does not change the fact that people will be getting their waste and recycling collected on a fortnightly basis.

If you do have any problems with waste and recycling, please do contact your local councillor who will be able to act on your behalf to ensure your waste and recycling is collected.”