Honda confirms Swindon car plant closure

Following the official statement from Honda today, Sarah Church says:

I spoke with Honda HQ last night and they continue to insist this is not related to Brexit but to global trends.

The reality is that Brexit has reduced the UK’s ability to weather global trends or to compete with the EU on trade with countries such as Japan.

The Honda workers and their families found this out on social media yesterday rather than from their employer. According to the company, only government ministers had been briefed. Those politicians should be ashamed that they caused added distress in a situation that is bad enough for the families and our town’s economy.

I urge Honda to do everything from today to ensure that their workers are looked after. I also urge business leaders and politicians to make sure the closure of Swindon’s biggest employer does not push our already low-wage, low-security jobs market into free fall.
This is a time for everyone to pull together across Swindon, and across politics to look after those affected.