Eastcott Councillor Raises Concern Over Demolition of Old Clifton Street School

Concerns have been raised by Eastcott residents and a local Councillor, Paul Dixon, regarding the demolition of the old Clifton Street School. Despite no planning permission being given, the developer of the building is currently undergoing the demolition of some or all of the historic building.

To date the only planning permission given for the site is for the conversion of the offices in the building in to 17 flats, however there has been no statement of intent to demolish any or all of the building.

Eastcott Councillor, Paul Dixon, said:

Councillor Paul Dixon
“A resident got in touch with me and the other Eastcott Councillors late last week concerning the potential demolition of the old Clifton Street School. There is no planning approval for such a demolition and given the building is a piece of local heritage, it would be terrible for it to be lost without even needing planning permission. At the moment the only permission that has been given for this building is the conversion of the offices in the building in to flats.

Since getting in touch with planning enforcement officers at the Council they have told me that they are currently of the opinion that planning permission is required to demolish the building but they will have to liaise with the Council’s Building Control Team after claims of building instability.

I hope the confusion and concern over the demolition of the building can now be concluded and this important community heritage asset can be retained”.