Child Poverty in Swindon brings shame on the Tory record locally and nationally

Child Poverty in Swindon brings shame on the Tory record locally and nationally.

Sarah Church, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, commented:

Responding to a TUC report showing that the number of children growing up in poverty in working households in the South-West has increased by nearly 36,000, Labour candidate for South Swindon, Sarah Church, said:
“These figures are a shameful indictment of the Conservative record locally and nationally. When people are working hard and still cannot lift themselves out of poverty then something has gone badly wrong.
Work by The Children’s Society shows that over a quarter of the 23,968 children living in South Swindon constituency alone, live in poverty. When people are in work yet still struggling to heat their homes and feed their families, that shows you that the system needs to change urgently.
Poverty and ill health go hand in hand. Depending where you live in Swindon can alter your life expectancy by a decade- this type of inequality has to stop. We need real change here and we need it now.”

Labour will end zero hours contracts, increase the real living wage to at least £10 per hour and make tackling child poverty the priority it should be. Labour will bring back Sure Start centres, including in Swindon which is the only town to have closed every single centre. Sure Start has been shown to greatly improve the prospects for long term health and education of the children and parents who use them.