A Vote For Positive Change

Nythe, Liden and Eldene Parish Councilor, Bazil Solomon, has been selected as the Labour Candidate for Covingham & Dorcan Ward in the 2018 Local Elections.

Bazil lives in Liden with his family and is a teacher at one of Swindon’s secondary schools. Bazil’s daughter attends a local school and his wife works for the NHS.

Bazil is focussed on getting the police to provide more resources to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

Bazil has also joined Labour Councillors in Swindon in condemning Swindon’s Conservative Councillors for raising the Council Tax by the largest amount in the country in 2017/18-10%.

Bazil has also spoken to some elderly residents who want their plight about reduced pensions and the loss of their bus passes dealt with. Bazil will take up their cause if elected.

Swindon Council is taking part in an election trial where residents will need to bring their Poll Card or a drivers license or passport to vote.

So, don’t forget to bring your Poll Card!

Vote Bazil Solomon for Labour on May 3rd
Help us build a better Swindon for everybody.