Postcode Checker Now Online To Help Residents Identify Their Parish Area

Swindon Council Civic Offices

Households in Swindon can now check what parish council area they will live in, thanks to a new postcode checker on the Council’s website.

Last month, the Council decided to create four new parish councils in Swindon, which will mean that 64,000 additional properties will be incorporated within a parished area for the first time.

Residents can find out which parished area they live in by using the postcode checker at: www.swindon.gov.uk/parishes

Petition: Save Swindon's Libraries

Jane Milner-Barry, Labour candidate for Old Town and East Wichel, is urging people all over Swindon to sign the “Save Swindon’s Libraries” change.org petition.

One Million People Set to Lose Their Vote

Many residents have found themselves not on the electoral register and are struggling to register to vote. It is a right for all citizens who came to Britain from the EU to vote in Local and European elections. 

Lydiard Subsidy Under Scrutiny, But Conservative Cabinet Member Says He Wishes To Transfer Lydiard Anyway

Questions have been raised over the amount Swindon Borough Council subsidises Lydiard Park and House, which has been used by the Conservative Cabinet to justify transferring Lydiard. Concerns have been raised that staff linked to Lydiard Park and House's budget are actually being used at the STEAM Museum, thus enhancing the size of the suggests subsidy for Lydiard.

Swindon isn't safe from the housing crisis

The fact that a private landlord is now seeking to rent a 3 bedroom house in Penhill for nearly £900 per month is evidence of the growing housing crisis in Swindon. That such exorbitant rents are now being sought confirms what many have been saying – that the housing market is out of control and doesn’t meet the needs of all of society but only those who seek to make excess profits from such a market.

Anne Snelgrove calls on Cllr David Renard to not let party politics prevent him from helping to save our Children's Centres

Anne Snelgrove, Labour’s candidate for South Swindon, has today renewed her call to Robert Buckland and David Renard to put aside their party politics and help her save Swindon’s children’s centres, which are currently slated to be closed on 30th March.

Time is running out: Sign our petition to delay the closure of Swindon's Children's Centres

Please sign our petition to ask the Conservatives to postpone the closures until after the result of the General Election is known rather than hampering a future Labour government's plans to expand services offered by our valuable Children's Centres.

Five days after writing to David Renard, Anne Snelgrove receives no response on childcare bid

Five days after writing to David Renard, Conservative Leader of Swindon Borough Council, with a bid to keep Swindon’s children’s centres open for an extra five weeks, Anne Snelgrove, Labour’s candidate for South Swindon, has received only silence from the council leader on this important issue.

Labour's Anne Snelgrove in bid to save Swindon's Children's Centres from closure

Anne Snelgrove, Labour’s candidate for South Swindon, has today (27th February) written to Councillor David Renard, Conservative Leader of Swindon Council, to ask that he keeps the Swindon children’s centres open for 6 more weeks until the outcome of the General Election is known.

Carol Heavens, Your Labour Candidate in Ridgeway

Carol Heavens is your Labour candidate for the new Ridgeway Ward

Carol has lived and worked in Swindon all her life and has brought up her children in the town. She is retired and would commit her time to being a full time Councillor.  If elected she would fight to bring Labour values to the area.

Carol said “As a councillor, I would be committed to helping everyone in the community to get proper representation from their local councillors, and to actively taking up issues on their behalf.”

You can contact Carol by email on carol.heavens@ntlworld.com

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