Standing Up For Eastcott Residents

Eastcott Parish Council candidates at Queen's Park

Your ward councillor Paul Dixon will be standing as a parish councillor for Eastcott in the elections on 4th May, along with fellow team members Domingos Dias, Abdul Hamid, Cindy Matthews and Patrick Herring.

You have five votes in Eastcott for our representatives on the twenty three person council.

Parishes were forced on us by the Conservative administration against overwhelming public opposition. Labour voted against them but we were voted down. We asked for a referendum but this was refused. Then we voted for a year’s delay to allow time to get better value for money from contractors and suppliers. We were voted down again. All the Conservatives wanted was to get the process over with as quickly as possible so that financial responsibility for service provision could be offloaded onto the new parishes.

Eastcott March 2017 Update

Councillor Paul Dixon

Kinsghill Parking Changes
Following on from the Council’s recent consultation with residents of Sunnyside Avenue, Dunsford Close, Hillside Avenue and Bowood Road, I can report that the Council has considered people’s responses and produced plans for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), which residents in these areas should be aware of.  
The Council received a number of objections to the proposed TRO and they are now in the process of obtaining a decision from the Cabinet Member responsible for Parking so that council officers know how they need to proceed. I am keen to ensure residents’ voices are heard so do get in touch with me if you have views on the Council’s proposals.

Old Town Library
After Swindon Council had proposed to close Swindon’s community libraries, including the one in Old Town, as part of its library closures programme, I am pleased to report that together with other councillors, I have managed to secure funding to keep the Old Town library open.  

Unpopular Eastcott Planning Application is Successfully Opposed

Councillor Paul Dixon at Swindon Borough Council

A controversial planning application for 10 two-bedroom flats on land at 29 Shelley Street has been successfully defeated after objections from local residents and councilors.

The application proposed a backland development with only access to the site through a small unadopted alleyway. The developer was proposing to make this a car-free scheme which suggested that no resident living on this proposed site would require a parking space, something residents and councilors had disputed.

This application has joined a number of other planning applications in the Eastcott area where developers have proposed schemes with either no or inadequate parking spaces in order to garner support from the council’s planning department.

Eastcott’s Labour Councillor, Paul Dixon, said:

“I am delighted with the outcome of this planning application. I am supportive of using brownfield sites for development, however the application needs to ensure its in keeping with the area and provides adequate parking provision.

Eastcott Councillor, Paul Dixon, achieves successful local clean-up

Councillor Paul Dixon with Imtiyaz Shaikh and Patrick Herring by a van full of rubbish

On Saturday 11th March, Eastcott Councillor, Paul Dixon, was joined by residents to clean up the back alleyways in the Newhall Street and Crombey Street area. After hours of clearing up fly tipping and litter from the back alleys, Cllr Dixon ended up taking over 20 bags of rubbish, 3 sofas, a television, an ironing board, a book case and Christmas tree to the waste and recycling centre.

Cllr Dixon had hired a van at his own expense to remove all the fly-tipping and rubbish from the area. It took several journeys to the Swindon Waste and Recycling Centre to remove the rubbish that was collected.

Speaking after the clean-up, Eastcott Councillor Paul Dixon said:

“I want to thank everybody who helped make this a very successful day in cleaning up the Newhall Street area. We worked hard and everybody felt by the end that we had done a good job in improving the local environment for residents.

Shadow Parish Council Refuses Town Centre Costs

Swindon Town Hall at Regent Circus

Labour councillors on the Central Swindon South Shadow Parish Council have opposed plans by the council to impose additional costs of over £400,000 on to the new parish council for the cleaning of the Town Centre. We will keep fighting to get the best deal for local residents in Eastcott.

New Parish Councils in North-Central, West and South-Central Swindon will be having to pay a combined cost of £600,000 in extra bureaucracy as a result of Tory- run Swindon Council imposing new parishes on these areas. This spending will be money that won’t fund local services, but instead will be levied to pay for the new bureaucracy in the new parishes.

Old Town Councillor Calls For Residents To Have Their Say On Bus Corridor

Bus in Swindon

Old Town Councillor Nadine Watts is concerned that not enough people are aware of the proposals for the quality bus corridor from Wichelstowe to the town centre via Old Town.  

The public consultation events were quite well attended.  But Councillor Watts feels that more people should get involved, as the proposed changes could be seen as dramatic.  In particular,  three controlled crossings would be replaced with a shared space crossing surface similar to the crossing in Regent Circus.  This is proposed for Victoria Road outside the Post Office, Devizes Road outside Los Gatos and the High Street outside the Co-op.

See attached a photo of Cllr Nadine Watts at the site of one of the proposed shared space crossings.

 Old Town Councillor Nadine Watts said:

Postcode Checker Now Online To Help Residents Identify Their Parish Area

Swindon Council Civic Offices

Households in Swindon can now check what parish council area they will live in, thanks to a new postcode checker on the Council’s website.

Last month, the Council decided to create four new parish councils in Swindon, which will mean that 64,000 additional properties will be incorporated within a parished area for the first time.

Residents can find out which parished area they live in by using the postcode checker at: www.swindon.gov.uk/parishes

Eastcott Highways and Road Improvements

Sign reading "Road ahead closed"

Kingshill double yellow lines
I am pleased to announce that, at the request of local residents, the council has started consulting on plans to introduce double yellow lines on Sunnyside and Dunsford Road. The next step will be to issue a formal Traffic Regulation Order and then start the work once this is approved.

I have been following up with plans to get some yellow lines on Hillside and Bowood Road and the council has told me that they are working on a proposal following the feedback they have received.

Prospect Hill
I recently attended a meeting with local residents and council officers to discuss improvements to the road with the aim of deterring large lorries from using the street. Council officers are working on updating the proposals and once the plans are agreed the council will consult local residents on them.

Residents Parking Update

Residents Parking Sign

The council has reviewed the residents parking in Zones G and H, in our area. I delivered leaflets to all the affected streets and people responded to me saying they wanted the times extended. I’m pleased to say that these views have been taken on board and the recommendations are that both zones should be extended to 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturday; there will also be some changes to the limited waiting spaces which will make more spaces available for residents.

In Zone G there is also a proposal to introduce a school keep clear 8am-5pm outside Holy Rood Primary School on Durham Street and remove the single yellow line on Lincoln Street by the Church. The council now needs to consult on the changes which should then be in place by April next year.

If you have any views then let me know.

More Eastcott Housing Proposals

Swindon Borough Council Logo

The council has demolished the children's nursery on Euclid Street and plan to build 7 three bedroom houses on the site.

Residents have raised concerns to me over the impact this development will have on residents parking. I have passed these concerns on to the planning department and they are looking to address them.

In other developments there is a planning application to build 6 flats behind 29 Eastcott Hill, on Savernake Street. This is a revised version of one that was withdrawn previously. You can view the plans at: http://pa1.swindon.gov.uk/publicaccess/

The planning application number is S/16/1736

I will be talking to local residents to find out their views about the development, contact me if you have concerns.


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