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Postcode Checker Now Online To Help Residents Identify Their Parish Area

Swindon Council Civic Offices

Households in Swindon can now check what parish council area they will live in, thanks to a new postcode checker on the Council’s website.

Last month, the Council decided to create four new parish councils in Swindon, which will mean that 64,000 additional properties will be incorporated within a parished area for the first time.

Residents can find out which parished area they live in by using the postcode checker at:

Labour Group Response to Conservative Councillor Dale Heenan Resigning as Cabinet Member

Conservative Councillor Dale Heenan in court

Conservative Cabinet Member on Swindon Council, Councillor Dale Heenan, has admitted being forced through Court Summons to pay £981 in Council-Tax. He has also resigned from the Cabinet though will remain as Councillor for Covingham and Dorcan Ward.

Avoid Tory Council-Tax Bombshell

Jamal Miah at Liden Centre

After years of claiming to be the low Council-Tax party, Swindon's Conservative Councillors have agreed a 4% Council-Tax increase this year, and are planning huge Council-Tax increases as a result of devolving “streetsmart” services- including grounds maintenance and street cleaning- to parish councils.

Swindon Council has estimated that in non-parished areas, like Liden, this will mean your Council-Tax will increase by at least £120.

And Stratton, Covingham and Nythe Parish Councils will be significantly increasing their parish precepts in order to deliver these community services to the same standard as Swindon Borough Council.

However while residents will now be paying parish councils much more in their parish precepts for the delivery of community services, they will not receive a rebate from Swindon Council for ceasing to deliver these services.

Stratton Parish Council recently held a referendum on whether to pay the extra sum for the delivery of these community services and 87% of voters said “No”.

Tories Will Transfer Our Country Parks To The Private Sector

Jamal Miah at Coate Water

Swindon Council is currently in the process of transferring Lydiard Park out of council control to a private operator. What’s more, should the transfer of Lydiard be completed, Tory Councilors then intend to transfer Coate Water to a new private operator.

The Local Elections on 5th May will be your only opportunity to keep Lydiard Park and Coate Water being run by the Council and not for private profit. By the time of the next local elections in 2018 these parks would likely be run by private companies under the Conservatives.

These parks being run for private profit could mean steep parking charges and restricted access to some areas of the park, which residents wouldn’t be able to stop.

Voting Labour will be a vote to keep Lydiard and Coate Water under public control and not transferred to the private sector.

Does East Swindon Need a Green Bridge?

Jamal Miah at Lotmead Farm

Covingham and Dorcan’s Conservative Councillors have called on millions of pounds to be spent on a Green Bridge from the new Eastern Villages development in to Covingham.

Motorists will be blocked from using this bridge as it will only be designated for buses and cyclists.

As your Labour Candidate, I question the spending of this money when the traffic impact on Swindon’s roads resulting from this development will be dramatic.

I believe a new bridge from the Eastern Villages over the A419 is needed but should be available for all motorists.

Only by voting Labour in the May 5th Local Elections will you be able to generate a Council rethink on the Green Bridge.

Convingham & Dorcan Matters April 2016

Liden & Covingham Libraries Under Threat

Jamal Miah outside Liden Library

Tory-run Swindon Council have announced plans to cut funding from community libraries across Swindon, closing Liden and Covingham libraries, unless there are a mass of volunteers able to staff these community assets.

Only the town centre Central Library may remain. Why can Wiltshire, and many other Conservative councils, maintain services which are now being planned for closure here in Swindon?

Labour have offered concrete proposals on how the Tories do not need to cut funding from community libraries next year. The Council have received additional funding to prevent cuts and Labour have shown ways the Council could make savings by merging departments and making Swindon Council a “Paperless Council”. Unfortunately Labour's proposals were defeated by Conservative Councillors confirming cuts to library funding of sixty per cent. Cuts to Dial A Ride, buses, and Children's Centres were also approved by your existing Councillors.

Vote Labour to keep Liden and Covingham libraries properly staffed and open for all.

Convingham & Dorcan Matters March 2016

Petition: Save Swindon's Libraries

Jane Milner-Barry, Labour candidate for Old Town and East Wichel, is urging people all over Swindon to sign the “Save Swindon’s Libraries” petition.

Conservative Councillors Propose New Parish Councils to Make £120 Council Tax Hike

Conservative-run Swindon Borough Council are proposing to introduce parish councils in current non-parished areas, including West Swindon, Central Swindon, OId Town and parts of North Swindon.

Plans have been presented to councillors to increase the council tax by around £120 over 3 years through these new parish councils.


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