Postcode Checker Now Online To Help Residents Identify Their Parish Area

Swindon Council Civic Offices

Households in Swindon can now check what parish council area they will live in, thanks to a new postcode checker on the Council’s website.

Last month, the Council decided to create four new parish councils in Swindon, which will mean that 64,000 additional properties will be incorporated within a parished area for the first time.

Residents can find out which parished area they live in by using the postcode checker at:

Tory Council Continues with Introducing New Parish Councils

Swindon Council Civic Offices

Tory-run Swindon Council has confirmed its plans to introduce new parish councils across Swindon, which will lead to residents being charged at least an extra £100 to their Council-tax bill.

The Conservative Cabinet on Swindon Council have proposed 3 new parishes and one dramatically enlarged parish, which will encompass the current non-parished areas of Swindon. These proposals are their final recommendations to the Full Council Meeting on 10th November, where all councillors will decide whether new parishes will be introduced.

Swindon’s Labour Councillors have opposed these new parish councils on the grounds that it will be a large backdoor council-tax increase for residents and has not received the consent of residents through a local referendum.

Libraries and Children's Centres: The Council's Choices

Graham Philpot at West Swindon Library

The Conservative plan for the complete removal of funding from all but central library will be catastrophic for ALL libraries in Swindon, including West Swindon Library.
Volunteers are fantastic but they simply cannot replace professional staff. We know this from what's happened to Walcot library, currently the only volunteer-run library in Swindon:
Since the volunteers have taken over, the lending rate has plummeted from 14,000 items to only 4,000. I would hate to see the same thing happen to West Swindon Library.

I’m also particularly concerned over the closure of all of Swindon’s Children’s Centres. According to Lisa Harker, Head of the Strategy Unit at the NSPCC:
“Children's Centres arguably hold the key - or at least a big chunk of it - to preventing abuse. By supporting families through the transition to parenthood and during the early years, Children's Centres are among the most important pieces of weaponry in the fight against child abuse.”

Graham Philpot: Labour's candidate for Shaw

Graham Philpot

I moved to Swindon in the 1980s when I bought my house here in Shaw. At that time I worked in London, commuting via rail. I did that for more than a decade when I gave up commuting and got a job in Swindon.  

I've spent most of my working life within the printing industry but when I was made redundant at the age of 52 I decided on a change of direction. Teaching myself software development, I started my own web development business and I continue to make my living as a software author and Internet Marketing Consultant today.  

I decided to put myself forward as a Council candidate as a direct result of what I have seen happening in Swindon over recent months. Not only are Lydiard Park, our Children's Centres and our Local Libraries under dire threat but also the Conservative administration plans to impose Parishes across Swindon solely to raise money as a kind of Stealth Council Tax.

Graham Philpot for Shaw April 2016

Parishes: More Bureacracy, More Taxes

Graham Philpot at Pearl Road

With an enforced Parish covering West Swindon, the Conservatives plan to impose a further level of government on us all. More councilors, more bureaucracy and yes, more taxes!

Lydiard Park is important for all

Graham Philpot at Lydiard Park

I love Lydiard Park, from trips as a child to dog walking and visits with my grandchildren in latter years. It's part of my life. Each time I set foot in Lydiard I'm reminded again how important this wonderful park is to me and indeed all of us.

Whilst it’s true the Conservatives don’t intend to sell the park, they do intend to lease it. We do not know how long that lease might be, in the case of Broome Manor Golf Course the lease is for over 70 years. For all intense and purposes a 70+ year lease is no different than a sale. The park will fall into the hands of a private corporation and we will loose all control over what happens there. This is not securing Lydiard Park’s future it’s simply disposing of it.

Lydiard is OUR park. How dare the current Council administration even consider turning this fantastic asset over to a private company. Leasing or selling it's all the same to me, it's wrong, it's unnecessary and it's muddleheaded.

Petition: Save Swindon's Libraries

Jane Milner-Barry, Labour candidate for Old Town and East Wichel, is urging people all over Swindon to sign the “Save Swindon’s Libraries” petition.

Graham Philpot Strongly Supports Keeping Lydiard Park and House for the Sole Benefit of Swindon Residents

Following the public meeting of seven hundred residents, the January Council Meeting agreed to a three month delay in the outsourcing process, pushing a final decision to June 2016. Labour councillors put forward Swindon residents clear view that Lydiard House and Park should be managed for the sole benefit of the public, either through a charitable trust or continued council control. This view was rejected by the entire Conservative Group including councillors meant to represent West Swindon voters. So the bad news is that the option to transfer away the house and park remains a serious threat.

The only sure way to stop this is to change your local councillor. In May all those who signed the petition, or share concerns for our heritage, can choose to elect Labour councillors to the June decision making meeting to stop Lydiard being transferred to the private sector, where decisions wiil be made based on private profit and not the residents' interests. Work with me to protect Lydiard.

Parishing Proposals Must Go To A Referendum

Graham Philpot

Swindon Council are proposing to parish all of West Swindon and all other currently non-parished parts of the borough. A range of local services are planned to be delivered by this new Parish Council. In addition to an announced 4% council-tax rise from the Borough Council for 2015/2016, new parish precepts will lead to a rise in your council-tax bills of £120. Labour demands a referendum on these proposals which are designed to prevent Tory Councillors being blamed for large council-tax increases. Taxpayers will simply end up PAYING MORE FOR LESS.

Parish Proposal Public Meeting - Wednesday 24th February

For residents interested in learning more about the reasons why the Council propose to parish West Swindon, and the resulting questions, there will be a public meeting on Wednesday 24th February 2016 at 7.15pm at Freshbrook Community Centre off Worsley Road. The meeting will be chaired by a West Swindon Councillor and will give you the chance to ask local councillors and candidates their views on these proposals.


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