Labour People

Below are details of Labour councillors and campaigners in South Swindon. Please be aware that you should contact your local councillor(s) in the first instance - campaigners are not elected officials and have no access to council records or services (other than as individuals).

We also have a list of local Councillors, candidates and campaigners who are on twitter on this page.

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John Firmin Executive Committee Member • South Swindon Constituency

John is a member of the Executive Committee (EC) of South Swindon Labour Party, currently holding the position of Chair. He is the Campaign Coordinator and brings the Labour team, members and wider public together to take part in the political process of elections for Labour in Swindon and the UK.

Fay Howard Executive Committee Member • South Swindon Constituency

Fay is a member of the Executive Committee (EC) of South Swindon Labour Party, currently holding the position of Secretary. She is a Councillor for Liden, Eldene and Park South.

Bazil Solomon Executive Committee Member • South Swindon Constituency

Bazil Solomon is on the Executive Committee fulfilling role of IT/Social Media Officer. He believes that proper use of technology can additionally help people communicate with each other. The use of technologies is especially the case where people live far from each other or have different working times. It gives many people a chance to have their voice heard and to show their support for the UK Labour Political Party. Bazil is the Parish Councillor for Eldene, Nythe and Liden. He is keen in helping residents and the community to sort out their standards of living and have access to public utilities. He is a voice for education and healthcare in Swindon.

Sam James Executive Committee Member • South Swindon Constituency

As Youth and Student Coordinator Sam works with other officers and coordinators to involve young members in all areas of the constituency’s work and to empower local young members to play a full part in the party’s campaigning and political organisation.

Jamal Miah Executive Committee Member • South Swindon Constituency

Jamal is a member of the Executive Committee (EC) of South Swindon Labour Party, currently holding the position of BAME Coordinator.

Carol Heavens Executive Committee Member • South Swindon Constituency

Carol is a member of the Executive Committee (EC) of South Swindon Labour Party, currently holding the position of EC Delegates Female. Carol has lived and worked in Swindon all her life and has brought up her children in the town.

Cindy Matthews Executive Committee Member • South Swindon Constituency

Cindy has lived in Swindon for over 30 years. She is married with 2 grown up children who grew up in Swindon and attended local schools. She and her husband, Denis, have 5 grandchildren. Cindy is a retired social worker and is a trustee of a local advice agency and a governor at Oliver Tomkins School. 

Imtiyaz Sheikh Executive Committee Member • South Swindon Constituency

Imtiyaz is a member of the Executive Committee (EC) of South Swindon Labour Party, currently holding the position of Equalities Officer.

Junab Ali Councillor • South Swindon Constituency

Junab is on the executive committee tackling the role of treasurer. He is a Deputy Mayor of Swindon. He is a Councillor for central Swindon. Junab was first elected in 2008.  He works in electrical contracting and is heavily involved in various community groups. Having grown up locally, he now lives in Freshbrook with his wife and children.

Abdul Amin Councillor • Walcot and Park North

I am a local businessman running a local restaurant. I am frustrated by the Tory failure to deliver regeneration and will press for action to tackle the massive increase in youth unemployment in Swindon.  I have worked on our potholes campaign and will campaign for road repairs and sort out parking problems.

Abdul is also the Ethnic Minorities Officer for the South Swindon Labour Party.

Emma Bushell Councillor • Walcot and Park North

I have lived in Swindon all my life and want the best for the town and its people.

I have a strong record of speaking out for others as a volunteer campaigner for Amnesty International and as a trade union representative.

I want to use the skills I have gained to speak up for residents and the communities in Walcot and Park North.

Steve Allsopp Councillor • Walcot and Park North

Steve is an HR manager who has lived in his ward for more than 50 years, having attended local schools.  He has 30 years of service as a school governor and councillor.  His priorities are fighting coalition cuts, housing and youth unemployment.

Steve is Spokesperson for Housing & Public Health

Chris Watts Councillor • Liden, Eldene and Park South

As a Labour campaigner Chris champions open, transparent governance and has campaigned relentlessly for Swindon residents on issues such as road safety and the Savernake Street play area.

Chris has lived in Swindon 43 years and is married with three children, who are all schooled locally.

Fay Howard Councillor • Liden, Eldene and Park South

I am a nurse at GWH, and a warden for a sheltered housing scheme. I am delighted to be a Councillor in Liden, Eldene and Park South Ward, having been a Councillor for the Parks ward for a number of years.

I care about people and like to get involved in the community. My priorities are to improve and maintain road and pavement surfaces and to protect the green areas which we all value. Money should be spent on the basics before town centre fountains and hospitality.

Derique Montaut Councillor • Liden, Eldene and Park South

A councillor who has over 30 years experience Derique has a track record of getting things done.

He will fight to keep council-tax low possible, protect and restore local parks, and tackle anti-social behaviour.

Bob Cretchley Campaigner • Old Town (and East Wichel)

Bob Cretchley is a long standing campaigner within the local community and trade union movement, for fairness, equality, good quality local services and the protection of our environment.

Bob is a hard working member of the Old Town Labour Team working closely with Councillor Nadine Watts.

Nadine Watts Councillor • Old Town (and East Wichel)

Nadine Watts is the sole Labour councillor in the Old Town ward (also covering East Wichel).

I have lived in Swindon for 20 years. I'm married with 3 children. I have built up strong links with Old Town over the years, from attending Tiger Tots, Caterpillar Club and Croft playgroup when my children were younger to guides, Croft under 10s football team and Commonweal School now. I am pleased to be able to give something back to the community, by regularly attending residents' meetings, being a governor at East Wichel Primary School and committee member of the Old Town Festival. It was an honour to be re-elected in 2014 as a councillor for the Old Town ward and I'm keen to continue serving the area.

Jane Milner-Barry Candidate • Old Town (and East Wichel)

As Candidate for Old Town and East Wichel Ward Jane works closely with Councillor Nadine Watts.  Jane has lived in Swindon for 30 years and her children went to school here.  She is involved with the Pipers Area Residents’ Association, the Friends of the Museum and Art Gallery and other local groups.   She played a leading role in the campaign to prevent the Leisure Centres and the  Croft Field being transferred into the private sector.

Paul Dixon Councillor • Eastcott

Paul grew up in Yorkshire, moving away from his home town in the early 1980’s to find work. He has lived in Swindon for over 25 years and in the Eastcott ward for the last 12. 

Paul has taken an active part in community life for the majority of this time. He worked for Voluntary Action Swindon for more than 5 years helping many charities and community groups from across Swindon with their fundraising. 

Manetta Rodrigues Candidate • Eastcott

I am proud to have been selected by the Labour Party to stand as its candidate for the 2016 local elections in Eastcott Ward. Since moving to Swindon 10 years ago I have lived in the Town Centre area.

I work for a registered homelessness charity in Swindon and am GMB Union’s Workplace Organiser. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling and other qualifications to support my work.

I put myself forward as a candidate because of my desire to serve society and our community.

Bob Wright Councillor • Central

Since 2006 I have been proud to be your ward councillor and I wish to continue to work for you. I believe my varied background working from the Shop Floor to Management provides the experience you need in a councillor. I am a domestic abuse charity trustee and assist with community work.

My current council roles include Communities, Scrutiny and Wiltshire & Swindon Fire Service.I have been actively involved in local politics for about 5 years, previous to this I did a little ward work. Fortunately I was selected and elected as the Labour Councillor for Central Ward.

Julie Wright Councillor • Central

I am delighted to continue to work for the residents of Central. Through casework I have built up many good relationships and friendships across the ward.

In these tough times Labour’s beliefs and values are now needed more than ever, to protect the vulnerable and the poor, to ensure the local economy grows, to provide opportunities, to build housing and to keep the streets safe and clean.

Matthew Courtliff Candidate • Lydiard and Freshbrook

I’m proud to be a resident of Swindon and proud to represent Lydiard and Freshbrook.

This area is gifted with green space, resident amenities and friendly neighbourhoods and it deserves a proactive Councillor to protect them, which is why I am standing.

Please get in touch with me if there’s anything you wish to raise.

Kevin Small Councillor • Mannington and Western

Kevin has lived in Rodbourne all his life and been the local Councillor for 23 years. During that time he has got a new school for the area and campaigned successfully to save the Redcliffe Street allotments.

He is a member of Unite, a football referee and plays skittle for his local club.

Steph Exell Councillor • Mannington and Western

I have lived in Swindon for almost 25 years and during this time, I have been involved in community work and neighbourhood campaigning. 

I have worked hard to challenge developers, in West Swindon, and the council over their planning policy. 

I am known for speaking up on behalf of the community and ensuring that people are listened to. I have served as a ward Councillor and parish Councillor since 2007.

Jim Robbins Councillor • Mannington and Western

Jim has always worked in the education sector,and is passionate about education and delivering the very best opportunities for everyone in Swindon. 

He and his wife are long term foster parents and help with weekend respite care.

Jim is a member of the Executive Committee (EC) of South Swindon Labour Party, currently holding the position of Press Officer.