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Vote for your Old Town councillors in Central Swindon South Parish Election

Saleh Ahmed, Nadine Watts, Jane Milner-Barry and Neil Hopkins at the Old Town Gardens Band Stand

The election for the new Central Swindon South Parish Council will be held on Thursday 4th May.  We are writing to seek your support for the four seats in Old Town & East Wichel Ward.  You have four votes in this election.  Please use your four votes for these local candidates.

Nadine Watts
I have had the privilege of being a Borough Councillor in Old Town & East Wichel since 2012 and have a proven track record of working hard for local residents and representing their views. I am actively involved in the community and in raising awareness of local issues. It is important that we make sure that all services transferred to the Central Swindon South Parish Council are delivered to the highest standard in the Old Town Ward and always provide the best value for money.

Labour's Team Will Work Hard For Old Town On New Parish

Sasleh Ahmad, Nadine Watts, Jane Milner-Barry and Neil Hopkins at the Town Gardens Band Stand

Your ward councillors Nadine Watts and Jane Milner-Barry will be standing as parish councillors for Old Town and East Wichel in the elections on 4th May, along with new team members Saleh Ahmed and Neil Hopkins.

Jane and I are keen to continue our work on behalf of Old Town and East Wichel and we will be even more effective with the help of Neil and Saleh.

Parishes were forced on us by the Conservative administration against overwhelming public opposition. We voted against them. We were voted down. Then we voted for a year’s delay to allow time to get better value for money from contractors and suppliers. We were voted down again. All the Conservatives wanted was to get the process over with as quickly as possible so that financial responsibility for service provision could be offloaded onto the new parishes.

Marlborough Park – Planning Permission Granted

Images from Marlborough Park planning application

Planning Permission has been granted for 440 homes in Marlborough Park this week.

An application for a mix of residential development including fully detailed plans for 91 dwellings and 74 retirement homes with an outline proposal for up to 313no. dwellings, public open space and play area was originally submitted in December 2015.

Construction of this second phase will begin in the summer and the first residents will move in next spring.  There will be a mix of two-bedroomed, three-bedroomed, four-bedroomed houses, apartments and coach houses.  Some of which will be affordable housing.  A total of 147 flats and 293 houses will be built as part of the second phase of development at the site near Marlborough Lane.  More detailed proposals will be submitted soon.

Update From Your Old Town & East Wichel Councillors

Councillors Nadine Watts and Jane Milner-Barry

Central Swindon South Parish Council
The shadow parish council has now set a precept and on 1st April 2017 the parish council will take over responsibility for grass cutting, litter collection and graffiti removal; the management of parks and green spaces including the Town Gardens, Lawn Woods and the Great Copse; the Old Town Library, the Victoria Road public toilets and other services.  The precept also has to cover the cost of the Parish administration. 

Old Town Councillor Calls For Residents To Have Their Say On Bus Corridor

Bus in Swindon

Old Town Councillor Nadine Watts is concerned that not enough people are aware of the proposals for the quality bus corridor from Wichelstowe to the town centre via Old Town.  

The public consultation events were quite well attended.  But Councillor Watts feels that more people should get involved, as the proposed changes could be seen as dramatic.  In particular,  three controlled crossings would be replaced with a shared space crossing surface similar to the crossing in Regent Circus.  This is proposed for Victoria Road outside the Post Office, Devizes Road outside Los Gatos and the High Street outside the Co-op.

See attached a photo of Cllr Nadine Watts at the site of one of the proposed shared space crossings.

 Old Town Councillor Nadine Watts said:

Second Consultation on BT programme of intended public payphone removals 

Councillor Nadine Watts

The first consultation on BT's proposals to remove a number of phone callboxes from Swindon Borough has now ended.  Swindon Borough Council has considered the future of each of the callboxes, reflecting on a number of different factors such as location, level of use and the responses from residents, Parish and Ward councillors and community groups.

Telephone NumberLocation# of calls in last 6 monthsSBC RecommendationReason(s)
01793 522343PCO Okus Road SN1 4JH8Agree to removalNo objections from Councillors - box not used for emergency calls

Ofcom Regulations require Swindon Borough Council to carry out a second, 30 day, consultation on their recommendations.

Please let me know if you have any comments.  The final day of this consultation period is 13 February 2017.

New 30mph speed limit – Marlborough Road

30 mph Speed Limit Sign

Following requests from residents of Marlborough Road, the speed limit has been reduced from 40mph to 30mph between Broome Manor Lane and Coate Roundabout.

The requests are as a consequence of concerns regarding the speed of traffic and safety of vulnerable road users, particularly pedestrians, using Marlborough Road.

Residents raised concerns over the apparent disparity between the posted speed limit of this stretch and the road characteristics – residential properties on both sides, use of the route by pedestrians and cyclists – especially when compared to other similar routes in Swindon.

Concerns were also raised by parents of pupils at Lawn Primary School over their safety as they walk to/from school.

Informal consultation with the residents of Marlborough Road indicated wider community support for the proposed change.

Wiltshire Police, Traffic Management & Road Safety Team & the Local Neighbourhood Policing Team have expressed their support for the reduction in speed limit.

Postcode Checker Now Online To Help Residents Identify Their Parish Area

Swindon Council Civic Offices

Households in Swindon can now check what parish council area they will live in, thanks to a new postcode checker on the Council’s website.

Last month, the Council decided to create four new parish councils in Swindon, which will mean that 64,000 additional properties will be incorporated within a parished area for the first time.

Residents can find out which parished area they live in by using the postcode checker at: www.swindon.gov.uk/parishes

Geoconservation Work in Old Town - volunteers wanted

Work will be carried out to clear weeds from selected small areas so the rocks are visible again on Old Town Railway cutting (SSSI) on Sunday 5 February at 10:00 and Saturday 25 February at 10:00.

Meet at bottom of steps from Bowling Green Lane.

Please see the attached poster for more information or contact Dick Millard on dick.millard@btinternet.com

Wichelstowe News

Wichelstowe Canal

Divided Wichelstowe
Central South Swindon Parish includes Old Town, Eastcott, the Town Centre, Walcot, Parks, Lawn, Badbury Park and East Wichel. However, Middle and West Wichel have been assigned to the existing parish of Wroughton.

A petition is circulating asking for Wichelstowe to be kept in one piece, and there is a change.org petition too available here. If 750 signatures are collected, the petition can be debated at a Council meeting in January.

Wichelstowe Design Code
We would like to hear your views on the emerging design code for the Wichelstowe District Centre. Please let us know what you think about pedestrian and cycle access, the street character, buildings, schools, possible gym and GP surgery. See www.wichelstowe.co.uk for up-to-date information.


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