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Last updated 21/07/2017 by Matthew Courtliff

Lydiard Park carparking petition

After Tory-run Swindon Council introduced car parking charges at Lydiard Park, they have done nothing to tackle those Lydiard Park users who are avoiding the parking charges by parking in neighbouring streets near to the park. During peak times at Lydiard, this has led to some streets in Grange Park crammed full of cars because people want to avoid the parking charges.

Your local Labour Team is calling on Tory-run Swindon Borough Council to tackle this problem on behalf of Grange Park residents.

Last updated 21/06/2017 by South Swindon Labour

Dial a Ride Future Still Remains Uncertain

Labour Councillor and Dial a Ride campaigner, Derique Montaut, has called on the Conservative administrative to secure the long-term future of Dial a Ride, after the Conservative administration breached previous promises to secure funding from new income streams to mitigate the effects of Dial a Ride’s 50% funding cut.

Last year when the Council was seeking to cut Dial a Ride’s council funding by 50%, a petition with 4000 signatures was submitted calling on Swindon Council to secure Dial a Ride’s future.

Saleh Ahmed, Nadine Watts, Jane Milner-Barry and Neil Hopkins at the Old Town Gardens Band Stand
Last updated 03/05/2017 by Nadine Watts

Vote for your Old Town councillors in Central Swindon South Parish Election

The election for the new Central Swindon South Parish Council will be held on Thursday 4th May.  We are writing to seek your support for the four seats in Old Town & East Wichel Ward.  You have four votes in this election.  Please use your four votes for these local candidates.

Ian Howard, Junab Ali, Graham Philpot and Steph Exell
Last updated 16/04/2017 by Steph Exell

Time For A Fairer Deal For Toothill & Westlea Through Your New Parish

For many years Toothill has been forgotten about by Tory-run Swindon Council. There has been chronic under- investment in the area and decisions have been made for Toothill that aren't the best for the local community. While other West Swindon wards have benefitted from new amenities and play areas, Toothill has not.

Neil Hopkins, Les Laidler and Matthew Courtliff
Last updated 16/04/2017 by Matthew Courtliff

Labour Candidates Demand Parish Council Focus on Freshbrook and Grange Park

Over recent years cutbacks to local services from Tory-run Swindon Borough Council has caused Freshbrook & Grange Park to look increasingly untidy with the grass becoming overgrown and litter and fly-tipping not being picked up by the Council.

With local Conservative Councillors unwilling to agree that this has become a problem it is now only Labour who have shown the determination to make West Swindon a more pleasant environment to live in.

Sasleh Ahmad, Nadine Watts, Jane Milner-Barry and Neil Hopkins at the Town Gardens Band Stand
Last updated 16/04/2017 by Nadine Watts

Labour's Team Will Work Hard For Old Town On New Parish

Your ward councillors Nadine Watts and Jane Milner-Barry will be standing as parish councillors for Old Town and East Wichel in the elections on 4th May, along with new team members Saleh Ahmed and Neil Hopkins.

Jane and I are keen to continue our work on behalf of Old Town and East Wichel and we will be even more effective with the help of Neil and Saleh.

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